Rules for participation in Sasuke game show

Sasuke – an action game show produced by VTV will officially launch the qualifying round in next March.

As one of the highest rated television programs in Japan and the US, Sasuke will come to Vietnam in the name of Unlimited. The program will air on VTV3 in the future.

Here are rules for participation in qualifying round of Sasuke – Unlimited:

I. Eligible participants

– Citizens of Vietnam and other countries aged 18 or older, with no criminal record.

– Those with a certificate of good health issued by Central hospitals or prestigious medical organizations.

II. Contents of preliminary rounds:

1. Application round: For participation, candidates submit documents including:

– A notarized copy of ID card/passport

– A Health Certificate

– A Certificate of Residence in the local area/confirmation of the organization

– Application form (in the specified form – with photo). Application form will be provided by the Organizing Committee at place of recruitment.

– 02 full body photos

2. Checkup round

– Candidates who pass the record inspection records will be admitted to a number of medical tests such as push-ups, pull-ups, running before entering the final round.

III. Expected location and time of qualifying round:

– Contest in Hanoi: 7-8 March 2015 at the forecourt of My Dinh National Stadium (direction from Le Duc Tho Street to Thang Long Avenue).

– Contest at Da Nang: 14-15 March 2015 in the Bien Dong Park and beach area in front of the park.

– Contest in Ho Chi Minh: 19-20 March 2015 (Field 37, Ho Chi Minh Youth Cultural House) The final round is held in Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong: from 26 April 2015 to 06 May 2015

IV. Final round

– Candidates in turn participate in action games as arranged by the Organizing Committee. Candidates shall be eliminated when they fail to overcome the challenges or fail to complete the challenges before the time specified by the Organizing Committee.

– At the end of qualifying round, the Organizing Committee will select 140 contestants for next rounds. The contestants in round 2 and round 3 are 40 and 5, in respectively. And the two best contestants shall be present in the final round.

– The final round is held at Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong from 25 April – 10 May 2015 Note: The entire cost of accommodation and travel until the end of round 1 are paid by contestants. The Organizing Committee only pays for 40 candidates shortlisted in round 2 onwards.

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